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How can you maintain your house through the residential plasterer?

In a house, you always find some repairing work like electrician work or gardening or even the plastering work. In this case, you have to find the best company that can do the task with perfection and in less time. If you are interested in your residential repairing work, then BD Property Repairing is one of the best companies that provide you a variety of facilities. Hence, we are providing the best possible service that can maintain your house and you find it easy to work with us. 

Our one of the best services is residential plasterers. We are working for many and our quality work is appreciated by people. Our skilled workers give you the best results. We also offer plasterboard repairs. Before telling you about the residential plasterers in Sydney let us put some light on the plasterwork what it is and what are its types. So, let us proceed. 

What is plaster? 

If you are interested in the residential plasterers, then you must know what it is. Nowadays, people use plaster for decorating purposes either their house walls or ceilings. It gives a pleasing effect. Moreover, if any damage occurs, then the solution is plasterboard repairs.

If you want to décor your house ceiling with different designs, then residential plasterers are the best option. But you have to make sure for one thing you must select the company whose services are good enough. They also provide plasterboard repairs because the company knows well how they did their task and how they can repair it. 

Types of plasters: 

Few people know about the types of residential plasterers. Here, we will tell you about the types in detail so you can select any of the following as per your requirements.  

  • Gypsum plastering. 
  • Lime plastering. 
  • Cement plastering. 
  • Clay plastering. 

Gypsum plastering: 

The most common type of residential plasterers. Many people like to apply this type in their residential area both on the walls and ceiling. This material is gathered by heating gypsum at a particular temperature (150oC). Before applying, the powder is mixed with water to give the sticky material. You can also use the mixture for plasterboard repairs. This type is best for fire resistance. The best residential plasterers. 

Lime plastering: 

The other type of plastering is LIME. If you have an old property and want some residential plasterers, then it is the best choice. You can select this type as it is more effective than the gypsum but a little costly. There are several benefits of lime plastering. It reduces the rate of cracks because in the mixture animal hair is used. Moreover, the shrinkage rate is also reduced. In this way, you do not need the plasterboard repairs as the cracking rate is decreased.

This is the mixture of calcium hydroxide and sand. When it is applied, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contact with the mixture, and it is transformed into the limestone (calcium carbonate). As mentioned earlier, it is the best residential plasterer because it gives you more strength than the gypsum. 

Cement plastering: 

If you are looking for moisture-resistant material for residential plasterers, then cement plaster is the best one. It gives your wall and ceiling the best moisture resistance. Normally you can find it everywhere because it is a little cheap than the above two. Cement plaster is a mixture of sand, cement, and little amount of water. The solution is applied to the walls to give a smooth texture. But for providing the pleasing effect, one coat of gypsum plaster is applied. If any cracks occur, then plasterboard repair is an easy task.

Clay plastering: 

The most common type of residential plasterers. It is available in natural colours, and people like it as it is. No further painting is required. It is cheaper than gypsum, lime, and cement plastering. For a few reasons, people like to install clay plastering. It is less expensive, and plasterboard repairs are also easy for it. Moreover, it is more breathable. If you want residential plasterers but short of money, then you can go for this type.


In short, BD Property Repairs is giving you the best choices for residential plasterers that you can select. Not only the installation if any cracks occur, then you can still contact the company. We will give you the best services for the plasterboard repairs.