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Luxury wedding invitations and other kinds of wedding stationary items

Marriage is undoubtedly the most auspicious occasion that is celebrated all across the world irrespective of the borders of religions, cultures and nations. Some people like to keep their wedding ceremony sweet and simple while others want to celebrate it in its fullest. No matter that what kind of wedding ceremony do you need but one thing is for sure that you are going to have to invite your guests through special invitation cards. People say that we are living in the digital world where everything has been shifted to the digital medium then what is the need of giving initiation cards when we can invite them through digital mediums. Well; the answer to this is that a digital invitation can never give as much of an importance to the guest as a proper invitation card gives. We agree that birthday cards and office invitations can be changed to digital medium but fortunately the trend of sending wedding invitation cards has not gone outdated and never will. In this article; we will be discussing about such luxury wedding invitations and other kinds of stationary items. 

Luxury wedding invitations: 

One thing that we want to say by screaming our lungs out is that the trend of sending wedding invitations can never go outdated and everyone must accept the fact that even digital medium cannot replace it.  The kind of wedding ceremonies as some people like to keep their wedding ceremony sweet and simple while others want it to be extremely luxurious. Most of the times; it has been seen that the people who want luxurious weddings are more inclined towards sending luxury invitation cards as compared to the ones who want their wedding ceremony to be celebrated in small scale. Wedding suite invitation are considered as luxury wedding invitations cards because they comprise of more cards and more detailing where not only the date is mentioned but also the preferences of a guest are asked. It is one of the best ways of telling your guest that you are important to them. 

Other kinds of wedding stationary items: 

If you think that your work is finished by merely giving the order of wedding invitations then you are wrong because there are lot of other such wedding stationary items as well that are needed for a wedding ceremony to go smoothly. Some of which are mentioned below: 

  • Name cards: 

Name cards are also known as place cards because they are placed at the particular table which has been decided by the host to make their guests sit at a particular place. Even though there already are guest sitting arrangement card at the entrance of the wedding place but still these name cards are placed to make things easier for the guests so that they can find their respective seats easily. One thing that must be kept in mind while placing your order for name cards is that they must be made as such that the name is visible from far and must be written at front and back as well. 

  • Welcome and quote signs: 

There are welcome signs and quote signs that can also be used as an item in wedding ceremonies. Welcome cards are obviously meant to make the guests feel welcome. Then there are quote signs in which an inspiring and loving quote is written that has some sort of meaning to the newly married couple. Besides the above mentioned wedding stationary items; you can also place your order for vow cards, wedding wish boxes and so many other such creative things that will add so much value to your whole wedding ceremony. 


The trend of celebrating weddings has been there since forever and is most likely to remain there forever as well. However; there has been some change of situations because of this whole covid-19 situation. If you have already sent “save the date” cards to your guest but now the date has been changed due to lockdown situation then you can send “change the date” cards through digital medium because love cannot be cancelled. “Stone and sparrow” makes the best kinds of luxury wedding invitations, name cards and many more such wedding stationary items.

Best wedding decorative ideas offered by wedding coordinator

Wedding is the most important event in every body’s life. Every one wants their wedding ceremony to be as perfect as their wedding partner or soon to be spouse. However, girls are little more excited about decorating or styling their wedding ceremony as compared to the boys. That is maybe because girls think about their wedding styling in Northern Beaches day since childhood. They dream about the beautiful fairy wedding ceremony as they have seen in Disney movies. Besides girls, guys also want their wedding ceremony to be sophisticated or decent. Bride and groom or their relatives themselves can not organize such a huge event so wedding planners or wedding coordinators are hired. In this article, we will be discussing about wedding coordinators and different decorative ideas offered by them. 

Event planners: 

Even though we are living in a twenty first century where everything has been progressed and modified. We can do almost everything with the help of internet and other technological devices but still there are somethings which require the help of professionalsThe saying that goes as half knowledge is dangerous knowledge applies for the case of event organization as well. Most people assume that they can organize their event by themselves but different issues arise during an event if the help of event planner has not been taken. Event planners are the group of people who organizes a whole event for a company or a person. They not just select the venue for the event but also organizes it completely. 

Basically, there are two types of event planners which are; social event planners and formal event planners. Wedding coordinators, birthday planners and other such group of people comes under the category of social event planners. On the other hand, promotional event planners and product launch organizers are formal event planners. 

Wedding coordinators: 

Wedding coordinators are the type of social event planners. Their job is much more than just finding a perfect venue for the event. Wedding coordinators not only selects the venue for a wedding ceremony but also decorates it according to the couple’s demand. They keep in mind the preferences of both groom and bride. Moreover, they stay in touch with the family members of the soon to be wed couple as well so to know about the number of guests. Besides that, wedding coordinators also keeps a check on music system, security system, photography setup and catering setup. Other than these, one of the main focuses of wedding coordinator is to make the wedding ceremony look extraordinarily beautiful. 

Best decoration ideas: 

There is no doubt in a fact that the love of two people or the love if bride and groom light up the whole ceremony but besides that if there is one thing which can freshen up the people’s mood is elegant decoration of a wedding ceremony. As man is creative by instinct which is why he gets ecstatic by seeing creative things. The wedding ceremony can be made exuberant and creative by applying different ideas. Firstly, the venue of the wedding ceremony has to be selected. The venue is chosen according to the demand of bride and groom. Sometimes the ideas of bride and groom does not match so wedding coordinator in Hunter Valley helps them out according to their preferences. 

The venue can outdoor scenic greenery, indoor elegant ceremony or a fun beach wedding. After the selection of a venue floral design has to be selected. For this purpose, specific family of flowers is chosen. This family can be of rose, lilies, tulips, orchids, marigold, lavender, etc. Each and every prop has to be decorated according to the theme of a ceremony. Even if a single chair goes out of the theme, the whole setup looks distorted. 


Wedding coordinators are the group of people who a wedding ceremony for people. They take the responsibility of perfectly organizing the wedding beginning with the selection of venue to the suitable props for the wedding ceremony. A wedding can be made extraordinarily beautiful by different decorative ideas. Selection of perfect venue, choosing the right kind of flowers and props together makes a wedding ceremony elegant. “Kylie Louise events” provides the best wedding coordinators to make your big day even more beautiful.