February 2020 Posts

Move your products without hassle.

As businesses continue to expand to newer horizons, it becomes essential that we are fully prepared to expand in a quite literal fashion as well. Whereas when we start off our services or products may be limited to only the local clientele, as we expand we may have to start moving our products and services across the city and to newer locations. This can all be incredibly heartening and exciting for any business owner, as we can finally start to see the fruits of all our labour and start getting meaningful returns on our investments. However, there can be several drawbacks that accompany this as well. It may seem like a simple enough task to move our products or services from one location to another but that is rarely ever the case. It is important to ensure the safety of all our products while they are being transported, and it is also extremely important to make sure that all the trips are completed on time. Any late deliveries can set a really bad example and an even worse impression, and can make it much harder for our clients to trust us in the future or even to recommend us to friends or family.  

Importance of safe transport 

With transport being such a vital topic, and potentially having so many important implications, it is important that each and every business keep in mind methods that can ensure that not only is our cargo delivered on time, but also safe and sound, with each product in one piece. Even the packaging being dented or torn can send a really bad impression upon the client, especially first timers and so it is essential that we stay on our toes whenever our products are being transported. Sometimes the smallest of additions to our arsenal can make the biggest difference, as we can add small items that can help us not only transport our products safely but also much faster. One such item that can be an absolute essential not just for transporting our goods but also for storing them away safely is the humble wooden crate and the wooden pallet. 

Wooden pallets for transport 

Most of us normally think that it would be a mistake to buy wooden pallets as they can seem like an outdated method of storing and transporting our goods, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wooden pallets can offer us several advantages, the first of which is that they are incredibly easy on our pocket, and are well worth the money that we spend on them in any case. These pallets can dramatically decrease loading and unloading time as products can be easily loaded onto the pallets and taken off. This can help keep things organized as well, which can help prevent any disasters from occurring. In addition to this, wooden pallets can be very easy to find, however of course we do need to keep in mind quality when getting a product so important. In addition to this, wooden pallets can be a great alternative over plastic pallets as they can help us conserve the environment instead of adding to the pollution.  

Crates for transport 

Wooden crates can be another extremely useful way for us to keep our cargo safe and well organized. These crates can be a step above the wooden crates, and can be even better if the products that we are shipping are smaller in size. While pallets can be perfect for bigger products, crates can be perfect for stacking and organizing smaller objects that might be more prone to falling and breaking or being crushed. Crates can also help protect our products from environmental hazards such as sunlight, water, moisture and the like, so that our products reach the customers as good as new. At Reclaim Timber, we can get the best wooden crates and pallets that can help us take our goods all around, wherever we want, without us ever having to worry about any damage. In addition to this, they can be perfect also because they can really help us save time in loading and unloading, so that our products can reach the clients on time, in perfect shape so that we can make the best impression.