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Five signs that you need to change your propeller

Everyone deserves a break from the mundane routine of their everyday lives so that they can come back with a fresher outlook on life in general. People get tired from stressing over their work and duties of family life and repeating the same pattern day in and day out. A small vacation or simply a day outing on a yacht can help reduce this tension that you are feeling. Buying a yacht is considered something that rich people do but it is possible to buy one with an average income as well especially if you save money. Many people buy yacht s with their lifetime savings after they retire so that they can enjoy their life. This recreational boat is worth every bit of its price as it allows you to have fun and also has a positive impact on your mental health. It helps you to literally “get away” from it all and the calming waves of the ocean away from crowded beaches and cities can really soothe the frayed edges of your mind. It is a great way to entertain other people such as family coming over from another city or even your friends. You can turn it into a recreational weekend with old friends and have a blast. Instead of spending extra money on entertainment, you can simply provide it free of cost by inviting them on you yacht. Yachts come in all sizes and even if you can’t afford a big one, a small yacht will serve the purpose as well. It offers the same benefits of being at sea and also stays within your budget. Small yachts have smaller yacht propellers for sale and come have a beam of about eight feet which makes it easy for a family to move around. It is a great option for first time yacht buyers and is also simpler to handle especially in tough weather conditions such as high winds. 

One of the most important parts of the yacht is its propeller which includes the blades that turn on a shaft and are powered by a motor. This yacht propeller is responsible for creating displacement of water which helps in moving the boat forward. There are different kinds of propellers to choose from and it all depends on what the yacht will be used for. Aluminium propellers are the least expensive and are used in those boats that don’t need to travel quickly otherwise they will dent. Stainless steel is sturdier and can withstand accidents with rocks as well, however repairing it can be costly once it gets damaged. High performance yachts usually have heavy duty brass propellers that allow it to go faster. Sometimes, your propeller may not work properly and here are some signs that will help you determine that it needs to be changed: 

  1. Your boat is slow to come on plane which can cause the pressure ion the engine to increase and also puts strain on the bearings. This can further lead to engine damage and it is probably a good idea to change your propeller before things get out of hand.  
  2. If the propeller is offering little pitch and causing the engine to rev over its red line. A boat builder will not know what is going to be used for example if you plan on taking it into high altitude lakes then you need to change your yacht propeller.  
  3.  Damage to the propeller such as absent blade or a nick will affect the performance of the propeller and can even cause damage to the engine and transmission, Sometimes, a bad propeller may not look bad but upon further inspection you may see the problem. 
  4. If you want your yacht to faster that it is at the moment then you may want to change your yacht propeller to a stainless steel one that it on the thinner side and will keep its shape in high speeds.  
  5. If your boat is using too much fuel then it may be due to the propeller being out of shape. A bent prop can increase your fuel costs by ten percent and sometimes you may need to increase the diameter of the propeller in order to increase its efficiency.