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Why Aussies Prefer Apartments Over Hotels At Hamilton Island

Nowadays Australians have skewed towards preferring an alternative to hotel stay while planning a tour, holiday trip or vacation within the country. Reason being, everyone wants to feel comfortable and at home during the holidays and hence, hotels appear to be a least preferred solution to them.  

Hamilton Island is one of the favorite holiday spots for Aussies who want to enjoy the seaside and marvelous beauty of Whitsunday. There’s so much to view and do at the island that people prefer to end the day at a first class abode in a relaxing and comforting way. One of the main reasons that luxury apartments are in high demand on the island among families as well as honeymooners.  

There was a time when there were not any widely accepted alternatives to hotel stay across the globe then things started to shift and a new niche of private luxury apartments was created to cater to the needs of people at per with their respective preferences.  

Considering this shift of accommodation choices, below is given a few reasons to prove that why luxury apartments are a good option for holidaying at Hamilton Island than that of the hotels. 

To Feel At Home 

The main reason to prefer apartment for luxury accommodation hamilton island is to feel at home while you are away from the actual one. Holidays are usually stretched across a number of days and a person likes to feel familiar with the place. In fact, luxury apartment has been created to serve this purpose in particular as you would have more spacious rooms, a separate kitchen and laundry room at your disposal as well as a dining room to accommodate your social gatherings. 

Easy On Pocket 

A group of friends visiting the Hamilton Island can choose to divide the cost of a luxury apartment among themselves instead of opting out for the expensive hotel stay that each one of them would have to bear anyway. Sharing the cost of the apartment turns out to be a cost-effective option for a luxury stay on Hamilton Island.

Enhanced Privacy

Luxury apartments ensure more privacy for people as compared to hotels. It is considered to be the best luxury accommodation option for couples at the Hamilton Island due to the top-notch facilities, the comfort of a home and more privacy, something better than the expense at 3, 4 or 5-star hotels.

Perfect For Families

Luxury Apartment at Hamilton hotel is a perfect resort for a family holiday. As you would have a kitchen and a complete control over your cooking routine which is a huge plus especially when you are out with a big family. Similarly, the facility of doing laundry in-house is an add-on blessing during vacation. A dining room to have family gatherings and chit chats is again an attraction that lures people towards apartment for their luxury stay at the Hamilton Island.

Services Similar To an Established Hotel

Most of the apartment renting services offering those options up for grabs which are in no way lesser than that of the established hotel in the vicinity. Such apartments are mostly located near eateries, money changers, and bank, gym or activity areas so people could have instant access to the nearby facilities of the Hamilton Island.

If you intend to visit the island for a night only then it is better to opt out for room service facility instead of trying to cook for yourself and family as this will eat up your entire time. However, if you intend to visit for 3 days or more then it is better to go for the cook-yourself option.

Also, most of the luxury apartments come with a mood and entertainment systems for the staying family as well as with turn down and cleaning services option similar to any luxury hotel. All these features make them a very lucrative and preferred option over the local hotels for luxury accommodation in Hamilton Island. Further, these are few of the main reasons that why travelers and business people also prefer the luxury apartment than hotels throughout their stay at the island.